Ruscello Specials

Here you will find the Specials of Ruscello Kaas.
Ruscello Caramélisé are cheeses with a caramelized crust.
The cheese is ripened in this crust, which gives it its own flavor development.

Black Lemon Caramélisé

Exellentia Caramélisé

Fianco Caramélisé

Life Caramélisé

Red Pesto Caramélisé

Green Pesto Caramélisé

The varieties listed below are the Ruscello Traditional cheeses.
These are farmhouse cheeses, these four types of Ruscello cheese are made from raw milk.

Green pesto


Red pesto


Pesto Lavender


Farmers Truffle


Ruscello Life

A completely new type of cheese! A cheese full of character with a soft, fresh taste and a spicy accent.

Over Ruscello

Ruscello is a brand of Van Beek Intercheese, wholesaler of Dutch and foreign cheese.

Soorten kaas

Dutch cheese with a specially selected and balanced mix of herbs and / or spices.

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