Speciality cheese supplier

Van Beek Intercheese has a speciality as a cheese supplier of Dutch and foreign cheeses. One of our specialities is Ruscello: a whole new type of cheese!

Speciality cheese supplier from the Netherlands

Ruscello cheese is full of character, has a soft taste and spicy accent. Apart from the unique taste, it looks great as well! Ruscello consists of a colourful mix of white, red and green and is a feast for the eyes. It is best served with a good glass of wine and slice of bread, but we offer several recipes to get you inspired. Van Beek Intercheese their speciality is being a cheese supplier from the Netherlands. We supply Dutch and foreign cheeses, both inland as well as abroad. Ruscello comes in 25 different types, among which are:

  • Ruscello Classic with (Mediterranean) spices, herbs and nuts;
  • Ruscello Traditional with green, red and lavender pesto or truffle.

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Are you looking for a speciality cheese supplier, that offers a unique and delicious type of cheese? Please don’t hesitate to contact us for an appointment or for more information. We are more than happy to get you acquainted with our Ruscello cheese. Have a look at our various recipes with Ruscello as well!



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